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Our team of expert dental professionals is proud to provide high-quality, friendly care to English-, Spanish-speaking families and individuals

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What my patients say about me and my team

Hands down Dr. Kevin Van is the most gentle and kindest person. I took my 15 year old nephew to see him for a check up. Come to find out my nephew doesn’t exhibit good hygiene habits. Dr. Kevin gave us a treatment plan and we were able to fix the problems on the same day. Thank you Dr. Van for having the patience to treat my horrible fussy nephew! Also, having a caring staff made my experience very pleasant. My nephew said that he wouldn’t go to any other dentist (maybe next time he won’t be horrible).

Thoa Ho
Thoa HoAcupuncturistLotus Acupuncture

When I went to Dr Van I had major dentist anxiety, but Dr Van handled me and my anxiety. He made sure I was ok before I left and he made a personal call to make sure I was feeling better. Dr Van and his staff are awesome!

Susan Gilreath

I was terrified to have a root canal done. Dr. Van and his staff were truly amazing. They calmed me down, talked me through everything and were above all expectations I had! If you ever need any dental work I recommend them! Thanks again Dr. Van and your staff for making my dental experience a positive one!

Amy PalladinoTeacher

One of the best dentist on the planet.. I love the music that they play in the office it makes it less stressful…no long waiting.. Easy to make appointments and if you have an emergency they take you right in..I highly recommend this place hands down:)!

Alicia Marfil

Here is a short list of services my team can do for you

Exam, Cleanings, Xrays

Tooth-colored Fillings

Crown and Bridges

Dentures and Partials

Dental Implants

Root Canal Therapy

We are always welcoming new patients, so if you want to experience what Captivating Dental Care has to offer for you and your family, please contact us at 863.983.7361 to schedule an appointment.

We look forward to seeing you in our office soon and making each visit a positive experience!

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